The action cameras are constantly evolving, there are numerous action camera models on the market, they come from different brands with different prices and features. So, what is the best action cameras? Face so many choices seem a little daunting. For best results, it is recommended to buy at least one 4K action camera.

We testing different brands of motion cameras in different environments for about a week, including a mountain biking trip, diving, and surfing. GoPro is the best action camera when overall quality is concerned, but its price is significantly higher than other cameras on the market.

For those with a small budget, we list some current best budget action cams under $100, for less than 100 dollars, you can also get a good quality camera.

GoPro HERO5 Black 4k Action Camera

Resolution:4k/30fps  Waterproof: waterproof to 33ft (10m) without a housing  Visual Angles: 155° Battery: 1 Lithium Metal batteries

HERO5 Black is a balance of performance and convenience thanks to its 4K video, voice control, easy-to-use touch display, and waterproof design. Now with QuikStories, HERO5 Black automatically sends your footage to your phone where it transforms into an awesome edited video. Combined with stabilized video, pro-quality photos and auto upload to the cloud with GoPro Plus, HERO5 Black gives you the power to tell your story.

Capture different with HERO5 Black. Share immersive 4K perspectives that make you feel like you’re there. HERO5 Black makes it easy with its one-button simplicity, convenient touch display, and ready-to-go waterproof design. Smooth, stabilized video, crystal-clear audio, and pro-quality photo capture combines with voice control and GPS to make HERO5 Black the most impressive GoPro ever. And when it’s time to edit and share, HERO5 Black automatically uploads footage to your GoPro Plus cloud account to provide easy access on any device. Then, create amazing videos automatically with Quick, the GoPro mobile editing app. Your life as you’ve never seen it-HERO5 Black.

FoPro hero5 Black

YI 4K+ Action Camera Under $200

Resolution:4k/60fps  Waterproof: Not with a waterproof case  Visual Angles: 155° Battery:1200mAh

The sleek, affordable action camera with the latest Ambarella H2 system-on-chip which made it’s able to capture the highest resolution combined with the highest frame rate ever seen in an action camera. It’s with a slightly larger touchscreen than a GoPro HERO6 Black and matches its rival in recording 4K footage at 60fps. So use it to record fast-moving action, and then you can get in clear, crisp quality footage.

Even in the low-light environment can get the top-notch quality, due to it with an excellent LCE 7 layer all-glass lens and Sony Exmor-R IMX377 sensor. Moreover, built-in gyroscope and accelerometer that makes the electronic image stabilization.

The downside is that it not have a GPS function, and not include a waterproof housing. In general, YI 4K+ is a feature packed action camera that lets you capture your adventures like never before.

APEMAN 4K Ultra HD Waterproof Action Camera

Resolution:4k/24fps  Waterproof: Waterproof Up to 40M  Visual Angles: 170°/140° Battery:2*1050mAh

The APEMAN action camera takes higher-quality 20MP photos and ultra HD video with professional 4K Tech. 2.0 Inch LCD display and professional wide-angle lens provide you with much broader amazing perspective.

Equipped the improved waterproof case, can deep dive below 40 meters, ready to capture all details of your adventures. Built-in smart gyroscope for anti-shaking and image stabilization to make your video much more smooth. Ideal for water sports such as swimming, surfing, diving, etc.

Share & edit videos and images easily. Download the free app (OK Cam or FN Cam) on your smartphone or tablet to take full control of the camera in real time. HDMI, USB and AV video output are available for connecting computers, TVs and projectors.

Crosstour 4K Action Camera Under 50

Resolution:4k/25fps  Waterproof: Up to 30M  Visual Angles: 170°  Battery:2*1050mAh

Crosstour Ultra HD 4K camera features rich video resolution options, including professional 4K(25fps), 2.7K(30fps) and 1080P(60fps) for your preference. 16MP photo taking resolution makes photos much clearer than those taken by 12MP cameras. 6 layers of optical glass lens bring you all vivid and incredible pictures.

The waterproof case this camera comes with is made of IP68 material. you can dive up to 98.4ft. Perfect protection from rocks, dust, and scratches. Fill yourself with the joy of beauties in snow, rain or underwater( diving, skiing, surfing).

It built-in wifi, the camera is completely under your control in “iSmart DV” APP. You can see what is displaying in camera without delay. Resolution setting, video recording, files deleting can be all realized. You are able to share your happiness with social media. You are able to have total control of your camera with the remote control. Red button for photo taking and gray button for video recording. Quite convenient for you to take photos or record videos in places you can’t reach.

The accessories pack mainly included 2*1050mAh batteries, remote control, mounting kits, various strap, and fixed base…The kit will meet the different demands of outdoor sports. The accessories suit for GoPro as well.

What is an Action Camera?

An action camera is a compact camcorder designed to capture the perspective from its user’s point of view. They are generally simple to use, rugged and can shoot both video and stills. The latest batch of action cams is incorporating more advanced features that differentiate themselves from one another and against budget offerings. Their small size and light weight allow them to be used in many creative situations, and they can be mounted in places where traditional cameras and smartphones can’t, like the bottom of a skateboard, on a pet, or even space.

How to Choose the Best 4K Action Camera?

Whether you’re diving enthusiasts, a surfer or you want to capture epic views on a mountainous hike, use the 4k action cam can help you capture the video of your adventure to view later or share capturing footage to your family and friends.

There are many choices when it comes to getting an action cam, to help you get the best action camera, there are some important factors that to need to consider.

Resolution and Framerates

If you want to capture properly sharp action video, the camera video resolution is very important. So, the action camera which you choose should at least 1080p/30fps, the higher the framerates, the smoother the video visuals are. At present, the highest resolution of sports cameras on the market is 4k/60fps. But if you don’t have a 4K device to play it, the 1080p 60fps/120fps action camera is also a good choice.

Lens Wide Angle

Many action cameras on the market now claim that the maximum wide angle is 170°. But one thing to note is that with wide-angle action cameras can cause the fish-eye effect and loss of image fidelity towards the edges.


If you are a diving enthusiast or you like surfing, then you should buy the action camera with a waterproof case. Of course, you can take it in the pool, river or ocean fo capture the funny videos. But each model with a differing degree of waterproofing, the higher the waterproofing grade, the better the waterproofing effect.

Battery Life

Sports cams with weak batteries force you to either bring a spare or have something to charge them with nearby. So, if you’re planning on taking the camera out into the wild or on extended diving sessions, the battery life must long.

Final Words

The most important things to consider are what you want features-wise and what your budget is. If you want to shoot super-smooth footage should choose the 4k action camera.