With the increasing number of cars, traffic accidents often occur. This involves liability for accidents, so a dash camera is a great way to add a little security to your car. Some cheap dash cams are coming with 1080P or 720P on market, the recorded video is not clear and often has problems. When the price goes up, you can get the best dash cam for the car, but they often exceed your budgets. So we tested a number of budget dash cameras, these dash cameras with GPS and wifi, hidden design front and rear dash cam with night vision.

These dash cams record not only the front but also the rear of your car. Whether you want the footage to show your insurance or to send off to viral fame on SNS, we have picked up the best dash cams under $100 to match your budget.

Best budget dash cam with GPS

The dash cam with a 3 inch OLED touch screen, that you can easily operate on dash cam, just like using an iPhone phone. At the same time, the dash camera with two cameras, front 1080p and rear 720p, that can be recording the front and rear videos of the car, enjoy a viewing experience that is more than 2x the standard HD video.

And the M05 dash cam with GPS tracking, that means your location, as well as your speed, is recorded, the driving route can be viewed on. In addition, it with WDR can clearly image and video is captured in overexposure and underexposure environment.

About the GPS player app, Azdome prepared two versions of Windows and Mac for us, we can head to the support page of Azdome official website to download. We can see from the screenshot of Windows system that there are speed and direction compass on the bottom right corner, and the top right corner is google map track( this software supports google map and Baidu map), and the left side is video interface.

Best budget dash cam front and rear

The PG02 mirror dash cam with a 10-inch full touch screen, the image takes up the whole screen, and it’s an anti-glaring screen, clear like the original rearview mirror. Super night vision backup camera uses AHD technology which presents you 720P bright and stable images of everything easily at night or dull rainy days.

The design of the mirror is simple, not fancy, the menu settings are easy to understand and adjust, you can swipe the screen left or right to change the front or rear camera viewing angle. Turning off the screen display, it can be used as a regular rearview mirror. When parking press screen [UP/Down] to adjust rear view angle to get a closer backup image when parking.

It very easy to install, the wire from the mirror itself will run to your cigarette lighter, The back camera is as easy to install as well, run the cable through the headliner and the back pillars to access the trunk and back plate, carefully drill the back camera with provided hardware.

Best budget dash cam under 100

The M06 is the best 4k dash camera that can record videos up to a resolution of 2160p. The ultra HD video recording quality is so good that you will notice much more clarity and quality difference than all other car dash cams. Revolutionary Super Night Vision Technology (Ultra-low light Sensor NT96660 + OV4689) helps to get comparatively clearer footage and images from the recording in low light condition.

It with parking mode that if someone hits your car and impact reaches the g-sensor level, then the dash camera will turn on and record 1-min video, then locks it & saves it …So you can see who crashed your car. And it Built-In g-sensor gets activated by sudden collision and locks the current video file as important evidence for further investigation.

Time-Lapse video allows you to capture specific images per second at a much lower rate. So when you combine and play those images at the normal rate, everything seems to be moving faster in time lapse.

Best budget dash cam under 70

M02 time lapse parking mode allows your dashcam to continuously record at 1fps (one frame per second). Videos are played back at 30fps. Parking mode on, when car engine off, the camera will off automatically. if any collision or crash to the car, the camera will restart to recording and save the files automatically. It normally records 60 seconds then off automatically. When the collision is detected again, the camera function is started again. The recorded videos are saved and locked, which also never be covered by cycle video.

It with motion detection is enabled, when the vehicle recorder detects the movement of the object, the camera starts recording, and the camera automatically enters the motion detection standby state after the motion detection is finished. When the object is detected again, the camera function is started again.

The dash cam gives you free access to the camera through APP, simply connect your phone to the camera, and control the dash camera to change settings, view real-time, take photo, record video, playback, download the record files to your smart phone to edit it and share to Facebook.

Best budget dash cam with parking mode

The biggest trait of GS65H is that it has two professional Sony camera, the front is 1080p and the rear is 720p, at the same time, it equipped with 2.4 inches LCD screen, so you can watch the video on the dash cam.

It also has a built-in polymer battery that supports 64G to a large extent. If you like self-driving, this dual-lens dash cam is your best choice, not only can shot the scenery along the way, but also record inside the car.

What is the best budget dash cam?

According to the recording rate, storage, clarity of the image, operation and other essential performance, you can distinguish the DVR between good or bad. But some people have some mistakes for this performance and pursuit of a DVR with high speed, large storage, and high definition. In fact, these three performances are mutually restricted, it is impossible to require all three to achieve the best. And the simple operation of the machine is always focused on by people until installing.

How much the best budget dash cameras cost?

Sometimes paying more is a good idea, the best dash cam means you can make out the registration plate of the car that crashed into you and drove off. However, those cheapest dash cameras tend to have poor-quality lenses, and record low-resolution video which is unlikely to be good enough to allow you to read number plates and signs. You can get the budget dash cam with GPS for the range $70-100.