In the past year or so, the dual dash cam quality has been greatly improved. Dual camera dash cams are essentially two cameras in one dashcam. Dual lens dash cams can record video front and rear at the same time. It not only record footage from in front of your vehicle while you drive, but to also record footage of either the inside of the vehicle, or behind the vehicle as well. That means you can get the video both of what other cars on the road in front of you are doing, as well as either what the occupants of your vehicle are doing, or what’s going on behind your vehicle.

When deciding to buy which dual lens dash cam, there are many things to take into consideration. That will take a lot of time and energy. But this dashcam buyer’s guide will make it simple. Just follow the guide, you can get the best budget dual dash cam for you.

Aukey Dual Dash Cam

The AUKEY Dual Dash Cameras cover both front and rear angle for greater protection and peace of mind on the road. Sony Exmor Sensors and wide-angle lenses capture every detail in sharp & clear 1080p, day or night. You’ll have solid video evidence to back you up in any driving disputes or incidents. Avoid the risk of losing insurance claims and protect yourself against insurance fraud scams.

Automatically records sharp & clear full-high-definition footage whenever you use the car. Preview live on the screen (picture-in-picture front & rear dual view or either view in full) or just have the screen switch off. Alternative motion detection recording method monitors even when you’ve locked up and left (requires a continuous power supply, such as the AUKEY hardwire kit).

Benefits to this camera include its weight, allowing portability and easy installation. The small size also makes the camera hard to see which could be helpful in confidential situations. One large drawback is the limited night vision. Poor lighting affects any camera and the AUKEY is no different.

Best Dual Camera Dash Cam with GPS

For Uber drivers, it’s best to get a dash cam that comes with 2 lenses, you’ll be able to record the road in front of you and the car interior at the same time. This way, you’ll be able to capture everything that’s happening and if something goes wrong you’ll have recorded proof of what happened. And GS65H is equipped with 2 cameras, one recording the front and another one capturing the inside, which meets the Uber drivers’ primary demand for dash cams.

In addition, 2.4 inch LCD of GS65H makes it discreet, a discreet camera kit is additionally favored by Uber drivers, as some passengers might not be snug with an oversized camera on the windshield, passengers may feel more relaxed with a little unnoticeable camera.Moreover, GS65H have a wide field of view, front lens 150°wide angle and rear lens 130°wide angle, which will not easily miss necessary things that perhaps happening just outside its view.

The camera lens is a 6-layer glass lens, a large F1.8 aperture, which greatly improves the night vision recording, and more easy installation and removal with a silicone suction mount. All features that build GS65H additional attractive.

vantrue n2 Dual Dash Cam with Parking Mode

The Vantrue N2 dual lens dash camera featuring a 170° viewing angle, more lanes covered and night vision effects with infrared light to make you record clearly at night, the front lens captures (1920×1080 @ 30fps) and (1440×1080 @ 30fps ) videos in front cam mode, while in dual cam recording mode, the front camera captures (1440×1080 @ 30fps) in HD videos. With 140° view angle, the 80° rotatable rear view camera captures (1280×720 @ 30fps) videos.

The dual-lens setup ensures you notice the traffic around you more clearly while driving. The dash camera for cars front and rear can provide critical video and audio evidence to police, insurance companies and court. With additional features like G-sensor, Emergency lock, Seamless loop recording and Parking mode, you’ll feel much safer on the way.You can also record the scenery along the road when travel.

The camera has a screen to review footage on the fly. You configure the camera using the buttons on the device (it doesn’t support Wi-Fi).

GPS is not included, but is available separately if you need it. For around $20 you can acquire a spare mount that has the GPS antenna built in. To review the GPS data, you need to install Vantrue’s free playback software which is available for Windows and Mac, and review the footage on your computer.

What is A Dual Channel Dash Cam?

Dual channel dash cam means it have both lenses built in to one unit. And is usually intended to mount in your front windshield. The front lens record forward of the car, and the rear lens record activities of passengers in the car.

But other styles of dual lens dashcams such as the AZDOME PG02 do not have both lenses built in to one module. If the second camera lens is not built in to the main camera body, this ‘remote’ secondary lens may be placed just about anywhere throughout the vehicle, in most cases being mounted in the rear windshield and pointing out towards the rear (to capture events that occur behind the vehicle). This type of dashcam setup with a wide angle front-facing lens and wide angle rear-facing lens would give near 360 degree video coverage around your vehicle, for a truly comprehensive backup eyewitness.