Your car was hit and scratched while parked, but you don’t know whose do it. Maybe you installed a dash cam in your car, but it doesn’t with parking mode, so, it can’t record who hit your vehicle. So, If you want to keep your car safe from scratched or hit while it’s parked, recommend you install the parking mode dash cam is best fit for this purpose. But what is parking mode? Keep reading.

What is the Parking Mode?

Parking Mode can be used to record any physical movement on the vehicle from your dash cam when a vehicle is left unattended. This will record a protected file to ensure the footage is not overwritten by any further footage recorded after the incident.

With the G-Sensor technology, Parking Mode can record footage if someone bumps into your vehicle when unattended and leaves the scene, this can be crucial evidence when filing a claim with your insurance company for any damage left to your vehicle. Parking Mode can also act as a deterrent against any theft and damage whilst away from your vehicle.

Why Parking Mode Can Help Reduce Insurance?

Vandalism of your vehicle usually happens when it’s unattended, such as you’re from your car or possibly while you’re sleeping. Perhaps you install an alarm system, but it seems that doesn’t much help to reduce insurance. A dashcam with “parking mode” provides proof and security by watching over your property, even when you can’t. Now instead you can use your parking mode dashcam as an anti-theft device by using it as a deterrent or even as evidence against whoever broke into your car.

Imagine someone sideswiping your vehicle while you’re parked on the side of a busy street. Without a parking mode enabled dashcam an insurance claim would have to be paid for by your own insurance company, rather than by the culprit or their insurance company. The parking mode feature of a dashcam can provide evidence for insurance claims in hit and runs even when you’re not operating your vehicle.

The dash cam parking mode acts as a surveillance system when you’re not operating your car, so you can have peace of mind when you leave your car unattended. Dashcam in parking mode can capture who sideswiping your vehicle, on video.

What are the Different Parking Modes Available?

1. Simple parking mode:

If an impact or motion is detected by the camera, it will come alive and start recording, hopefully catching the perpetrator. This type of parking mode is by far the most energy efficient of the three. The problem with simple parking mode is that in the time it takes the camera to wake up and start recording, whoever damaged your car might already be gone.

2. Buffered parking mode:

The camera records continuously, and saves the video footage to internal memory. When an impact or motion is detected, a couple of seconds (typically 10 or 20) before and after the event will be saved to the camera’s SD card, in a special write protected folder so it doesn’t get overwritten. An alert will also be shown when you get back to your car, so you will be aware something happened.

3. Time-lapse mode:

An alternative to the above modes is time-lapse mode, in which the camera shoots a still picture every second or so (1fps). This allows you to watch a time-lapse version of what was going on around your car while you were gone. Some cameras will additionally switch to normal recording for a certain period of time after they detect an event.

Which Dashcam Parking Mode is Best?

Usually, we prefer buffered parking mode, as you get a video of everything that happens around your car. However, when your car is parked in a busy street or in a parking lot with lots of movement, then with buffered parking mode, the motion detection would kick in all the time and fill your memory card with useless video. In that case, time-lapse parking mode is better. On the other hand, when parking for long periods of time, simple parking mode may be best as it consumes the least amount of energy.

How to Choos the Best Parking Mode Dash Cam?

1. Video Quality

The best important is Video quality, recommended 1080P resolution. 4K video quality is better if your budget permits. Some dash cams record only 720p, which causes a notable downgrade in video quality, this should be avoided to choose.

2. Dual Channel

For maximum protection when parked, a dual channel (front and rear) dash cam is very much preferable as it doubles your field of view and therefore increases your chances of seeing who damaged your car.

GS65H Dual Dash Cam Parking Mode

GS65H is equipped with NOVATEK 96655, SONY IMX323 sensor, 1920*1080p/30fps, dual-lens, 150 degree and support to max 64GB.

Auto turn off while the car off. In the event of the collision, parking mode will wake up the dash cam to record videos for a while then shuts down. Because GS65H is low power dissipation in the state of shutdown, built-in 450mA lithium battery of the GS65H can complete 24 hour parking monitoring.

GS65H Praking Mode Dash Cam Test

BlackVue Parking Mode Dash Cam

The BlackVue DR750S will automatically switch to parking mode whenever it detects that your car is stationary for more than five seconds.

This camera supports buffered and time-lapse parking mode. In time-lapse mode, if any impact is detected by the camera’s H-sensor, the camera will create a buffered 30-second video of the event.

When you return to your car, it will give you an audio alert if any incidents were detected that triggered parking mode recording. The alert will let you know how many incidents have been recorded.

How to Avoid Dash Cam Drain Car Battery?

For the dash camera to keep recording even when the vehicle is off, the dash cam needs to be hard wired to your car’s internal electrical circuitry (with a Hard Wiring Kit) instead of simply plugged into the cigarette lighter. Because of that a simple hardwiring kit will not avoid dash cam drain car battery if you keep your dash cam running recording.

So, to avoid dash cam drain your car battery, there are two options available:

1.Install a battery discharge prevention between your dash cam and the car’s fuse box. When the battery voltage drops below a preset, it will cut off the dash cam power to avoid it drain the car battery.

2. To purchase an external battery pack, and power your dash cam, it holds enough charge to keep your dashcam recording.