The greatest benefit of having a wifi dash cam is to connect the device to a smartphone or tablet to review and send on the footage. Dashcam with wifi could allow you to do a lot of interesting things with your camera and save you the hassle of having to deal with removing and transferring files via the SD card which is typically small and easy to lose. wifi enabled dash cam also allows the dash cam without a screen, making the car camera body significantly smaller than a traditional dash cam, become mini, which means the dash cam is more stealthy and less likely to draw the attention of a thief. But more importantly, in the event of an accident, a dash cam with wifi could easily send on the footage in question to law enforcement or an insurance company with the quick click of a button.

When buying the dashcam with WiFi on the market, there are many good choices. but not all of these options are created equal. A number of questions arise when you decide to buy a wifi car dash camera, Which brand needs to trust? Which wifi dash cam is best? Here is our review of the best wifi dash cameras on the market, including front and rear dash cam wifi, hidden wifi dash cam, mini wifi dash cam. You don’t need a lot of budgets. These dashcams under 100, that you can make the most informed choice for you.

AZDOME GS63H 4K WiFi Dash Cam

It has hardly been one month since the AZDOME 4k dash cam GS63H made its appearance, and then the resolution and WiFi function were gradually introduced not long after its announcement. Now it’s time for the overall appearance to pop up, today AZDOME brings the real shots of 4k WiFi dash cam GS63H for us.

WiFi function is one of the advantages of GS63H, we can operate GS63H in cellphone through WiFi connection, for example, we can switch between the video and photo mode, record and stop, and download the recorded video without using the cellphone data, which brings much convenience to us, however, many people may not be familiar with usage of the WiFi function.

The following is GS63H’s WiFi functionality demo video:

Rexing V1 3rd WiFi Car Dash Cam

The Rexing V1 Gen 3 is a nice iteration on the previous V1 dash cams. The biggest improvement is the increase in resolution from 1080p, on previous generations, to 4K UHD (3840×2160). The resolution increase is great for increased clarity of license plates in the case of a traffic incident, but it’s also nice for recording driving videos.

The other big change in the Gen 3 is the WiFi Connect feature. This allows you to remotely view video files from the cam without removing the SD card. Using the TimaCam mobile app, your phone can connect to the dashcam to download video files or even live stream to your phone with reduced resolution.

When record at 2160 and this camera records everything and during the day perform well. License plates are clear but I wish I could see them a little further away, but you can still see them when stopped and while moving.

The quality during the day is excellent, unfortunately, doesn’t perform as well at night, I don’t know if it’s because of the glare of lights coming off the license plate, but if you’re moving and they’re off to the side it’s hard to see the license plate. If you’re stopped you can better see the license plates off to the side. You can kind of see the license plate while moving if you’re directly behind them but you have to get pretty close. You can clearly see the license plate if you’re stopped behind them. It records everything you need so if you just need video proof of anything to prove you’re not at fault you’re good to go.

1080P WiFi Car DVR Dash Cam

The dash cam is equipped with Novatek96658 processor, an IMX323 image sensor, 2.45-inch IPS LCD and 150-degree viewing angle, which allow the drivers to see the screen effect from multiple perspectives and capture more details in the frame. In addition, two installation methods(3M mount and suction mount) and WiFi connection make A305 much more appealing.

WiFi function also changes our using habits for dash cam to a great extent, with wifi function, we only need a cell phone to operate the recording and shooting of A305, we can also download the recorded video and picture without cell phone data, which makes our life more convenient. This dash cam will be equipped with super night vision effect, it can clearly shoot the HD videos even in a completely dark environment, the night vision effect is pretty powerful.

Rove R2-4K Dash Cam Built-in WiFi

The ROVE R2-4K Dash Camera can record videos up to a resolution of 2160p (Ultra-HD).150° Ultra-Wide A+ lens Viewing Angle allows a wider viewing angle to capture those important details side. The WDR function optimizes video quality with wider light range and image details. So you will find our camera captures clear & vivid license plates and road signs during the day as well as at night.

BUILT-IN WiFi – Use the ROVE App to view and manage dash cam recordings instantly on your iOS and Android devices. By using the app you can download your recorded 4k videos directly to your smartphone and then easily share these on social media with friends and family

This is a great camera for your car. Small and easy to install and video quality is fantastic. And the seller provides great support for any issues.

M06 4K Dash Cam Built-in WiFi GPS

The m06 dash cam resolution is 2880 x 2160p @24fps, and support H.264 photography compression technology and Smooth Image Processing. Superior night-vision by class A lenses. Wide Dynamic Range allows camera to perform optimally in low light situations. The WDR technology will automatically adjust the exposure of the camera to create balanced images and footage.

The wifi is great for changing settings via your phone & downloading files for review. I use the 2nd highest resolution as that seems to be quite sufficient. The attached picture shows the info bar at the bottom of the screen – which includes speed. Depending on how you drive you may want to disable that bit! it also shows that I need to remove the manual from the top of my dash.

The camera is done really well, nice looking design with all the features camera must-have. Quality of recorded video is amazing, with a really good night picture mode. GPS and motion detection is reacting quickly.

What is WiFi on Dash Cam?

In fact, most dash cam with wifi use with APP, in other words, use the mobile phone to connect the wifi of the dash cam, phone APP can synchronously play the video taken by the dash cam and also share to the social platform. Unlike the Wi-Fi you have at home, the signal from your camera does not give you access to the internet. Instead, this Wi-Fi connection lets you pair your smartphone directly to your dash cam, allowing you to view and download footage right onto your phone. WiFi on dash cam allows you to connect to the phone APP to upload the video you want.

How does WiFi Dash Cam Work?

The dash cam with WiFi works in the vehicle must be parked in an area that has WiFi. When the dash camera detects WiFi connection it can connect directly to your smartphone, via an application. From this application, you can then perform any number of functions and adjust the settings of the camera through the phone. Here, the phone as a remote control that speaks over WiFi to the dash camera and can issue commands without a direct connection. Over WiFi you can send dash cam videos via e-mail, upload your footage to the Internet, or replay footage in high quality.