Using a dash cam on your car, become more and more important. Because, no matter how careful you drive, the accidents can happen unexpectedly on the road, on the bad traffic, there’s always some rash person tries to slide past your car. Usually, their car will into the side of your car.

At this point, the video recorded by the dash cam can as evidence, to make your case to the police or your insurance company. Now, you have already learned of the advantages of having one dash camera. But you may be stuck with the issue of which car dash camera you should buy on the market.

This guide has a list of the best dash cams. So, without any more delay, here is everything you need to know regarding how to choose one best dash cam for car.

What’s the Feature to Consider While Buying a Car Dash Cam?

Before you choose a dash camera, the first thing to consider is a good quality video. The dash cameras that offer up the high-quality resolution, can ensure be able to see every detail. But the low-resolution dash cam, the footage captured is blurred, you’ll can’t make out what’s happening.

Top 10 Best Dash Cams for Car 2019

1. M06 4K Dash Cam

The M06 4k dash cam is an exceptional 4k car dashcam that allows for recording with video resolutions of 2160p. Videos are shot with quality and clarity whether you’re capturing video during the day or at night, with the WDR technology. The M06 is a sophisticated, 4k dash cam that’s available for a good price.

M06 4k dash cam for car

Moreover, It built-in WiFi that you can smartphone monitoring, loop recording, and G-Sensor technology to automatically detect collisions. Overall, it’s our top pick for best dash cam for car 2019.

2. Wheelwitness HD Car Dash Cam

It gives you a 2304x1296p super HD screen resolution. No matter what’s happening on the road within its range, it can capture. Besides, the dash cam with a 170° wide-angle that is able to cover multiple lanes.

The user-friendly design, only need to plug the USB port with the car cigarette lighter, then the dash cam will work. Loop recording feature makes it automatically deletes the old videos and save new videos so that the dash camera can still work.

Wheelwitness HD Pro dash cam with GPS, it’s better for you to know where you were if you crash your car. The GPS function of the car dash camera records the time, date, and location. That allows lets you track your location.

3. OLED Dash Cam M05

The biggest feature of this dash cam is that it with a 3.0 inch OLED touch screen, it is the first in the dash cam industry. With the OLED screen support, so that it allows you not to operate with pressing buttons anymore. It’s as convenient as using a mobile phone.

The M05 dash cam with a high-end processor chipset provides 1080p resolution, and with WDR technology make it delivers superbly clear images, even at night. The Azdome M05 dash camera is one of the best dash cams with parking mode. It continues to work in the vehicle even when the car off.

4. Garmin Dash Cam 55

The dash camera comes with 1440P resolution, up-to 3.7-megapixel lens makes it can work even in low-light conditions. you don’t worry about the pictures and videos blurry. You can easily mount magnetically this dash camera to the windshield.  And it is compact and completely conspicuous once you mount it.

The Garmin dash cam 55 built-in GPS, it will guide you the whole way when you’re in a strange environment. That you don’t spend the whole ride getting frustrated by the maps on your phone. Moreover, it comes with sophisticated software that alerts you in case of forwarding collisions and lane departure.

5. KDLINKS X1 Dash Camera

The Full HD 1080P resolution gives you a crystal clear view. It can capture the number plates of the vehicles clearly. KDLINKS X1 dash cam comes with a loop recording feature. It allows you to save a part of the video if you want to do that.

It comes with the GPS function as the previous dash cams. Allows checking your location, time, and speed of the vehicle. So that It’s easier to claim your insurance from the insurance company because you can provide them with all the relevant information recorded by the dash cam. That due to the GPS-system doesn’t miss out anything.

It high-temperature resistance makes it easier for you to record every detail on the road. The dash cam lens does not blur or stop working, even if in extreme weather conditions.

6. 1080p Hidden Dash Cam AZDOME M08

The M08 dash cam looks more like a point-and-shoot still camera than a dashcam. It has a 2.5 inch IPS screen and a large, forward protruding lens. Demonstrating new techniques and technology to precisely follow the curves of the design, all the way to the elegantly rounded corners

It built-in Super Capacitor, Instead of the lithium battery, this dash cam is powered by a supercapacitor. Heat Resistant: temperatures from -4°to 158°F (-20°-70°C). A longer lifespan which means a safer driving environment without the risk of overheating and exploding to you. This is an excellent choice of capacitor dash cam and your insurance company will thank you for having one!

It max storage 64GB memory card, that means can record a long time. M08 dash cam is an easy-to-use High-quality 2.1-megapixel camera with 1080p video capture, works even in low-light conditions, and take in the whole highway, thanks to a 170-degree camera lens.

7. AUKEY Dash Cam

This dash cam offers an affordable price, the 1080P resolution ensure that you can capture high-quality footage. This is due to the dash cam with a Sony Exmor IM323 Sensor. The dash camera contains a large F/1.8 aperture and HDR, so, in such low light conditions at night you’ll be able to make out details like license plates.

The g-sensor in this car camera. It isn’t just activated by collisions, any sudden movements can cause the video to be automatically saved so that you can view it later on. The dash cam works well in extreme temperatures, whether you live somewhere where it is very cold or very warm, you don’t worry your dash cam stop work.

8. VANTRUE N2 Dual Dash Cam

This is a dual lens dash cam, the front camera record forward everything that happens on the road, and the rear camera records the inside of the car. The front-facing camera is equipped with a unique lens that adjusts the light or dark angles to get the clearest picture, another camera with powerful night-vision that can record perfect clarity even if the inside of the car is dark.

This is a good choice for you if you want a dash cam that can record high-quality videos. It offers resolution up to 1080p that means you’ll be able to see the license plates on cars in front of you.

9. AZDOME PG02 Front and Rear Dash Cam

This is a streaming video mirror dash cam, with a 10-inch full touch screen, you can swipe the screen left or right to change the front or rear camera viewing angle, the recorded video can be viewed in real time on the screen. When the screen turning off, it can be used as a regular rearview mirror.

PG02 mirror dash cam

It’s also with a 170-degree wide angle lens that ensures you never miss anything. And with the simultaneous front and rear recording, you can be sure of getting some fantastic videos. Built-in G-sensor that will record any violet collision, auto displaying parking image and other features like loop recording and motion sensor.

10.A119 Dash Cam

The A119 1440p Car Dash Camera with GPS Logger (v2) is a great choice if you want to record video on the road. If you get into an accident, you can use the A119 to record all of the evidence. The camera will start recording automatically as soon as an accident occurs.

You can install the A119 in your car with just a few steps. It comes with an adhesive mount that quickly attaches to the windshield. It’s just 6 inches long, so you can easily hide the fact that you’re recording video. If an accident occurs, you might not want the other person to know that they’re on camera.

Despite its small size, the A119 records full 1440p high definition video up to 60 frames per second that are perfect for recording vehicles and small details. It also has a 160-degree wide-angle lens that lets you see both sides of the road. The lens sits on a rotating axis, so you can quickly change the angle without having to reattach the camera. It even records video in low light conditions, helping you see more when there’s less light in the sky.

What the Best Dash Cam for Car?

There are so many brands and so many options available on the market, you may be very confused so that you don’t know what is the best dash camera? Now, by this buying guide, hope you can know how to choose the best dash cam for your car.

Video Resolution

The video resolution on dash cameras is usually pretty high since they have to capture everything in real time. But if you’re particular about the quality of footage then you can check to see the resolution before coming to a decision.

SD Card Storage Space

It depends on your preferences if you want to record the highest-quality possible, or you want to use it for recording your road trip somewhere picturesque. Maybe you need at least 64 GB.

Loop Recording

Loop recording is very important for those who often drive on the road, it’s very useful. Because you don’t have to constantly remember to wipe the memory card yourself. Your dash camera selects the oldest file and records new footage over it to save space.

Other Features

The dash cams that built-in GPS and WIFI are particularly useful to anyone needs them for their car service. A GPS locator will let you know exactly where your employee is and the WIFI location will give you a live location. For these features can ensure safety for your employees and your customers.