The GPS dash cam means that these dash cameras feature GPS data logging capabilities. It can keep tracking of your vehicle’s physical location as you drive, also keep tracking of your car speed. The dash camera with GPS will help you to have some legal video evidence proof of an accident.

So, if you involved in a bad accident, the speed of the vehicle is a crucial point for law enforcement authorities to ticket you. The best dash cams with GPS can prove your innocence, in those nasty incidents without any arguments. In this buying guide, will recommend the best GPS dash cam for yours.

Best Dash Cam with GPS M05

The dash cam with a 3 inch OLED touch screen, that you can easily operate on dash cam, just like using a iPhone phone. At the same time, the dash camera with two camera, front 1080p and rear 720p, that can recording the front and rear videos of the car, enjoy a viewing experience that is more than 2x the standard HD video.

And the M05 dash cam with GPS track, that means your location as well as your speed is recorded, the driving route can be viewed onap. In addition, it with WDR, can clear image and video is captured in over exposure and underexposure environment.

About the GPS player app, Azdome prepared two versions of Windows and Mac for us, we can head to the support page of Azdome official website to download. We can see from the screenshot of Windows system that there are speed and direction compass on the bottom right corner, and the top right corner is google map track( this software supports google map and Baidu map), and the left side is video interface.

Garmin GPS Dash Cam

The extremely small and discreet Dash Cam 55 does more than just record your drive. It starts recording automatically and saves footage in case of incidents. It also captures high-quality 1440P eyewitness video recordings and provides advanced driver alerts for forward collision and lane departure warnings Plus Red light and speed cameras.

The GPS-enabled with automatic incident detection (G-Sensor) saves video footage on impact to show when and where events happened. You just look ahead and drive. With your voice, you can command dash Cam 55 to start/stop audio recording, take a still picture or start/stop the travelers video capture feature -an easy, fun way to share driving footage and condense hours of driving into minutes of highlights.

And with the Virb mobile app downloaded on your smartphone, it’s easy to wirelessly sync videos from dash Cam 55 to your phone and share the videos with friends. Before you can record videos while parked, you must connect your camera to the Dash Cam parking mode cable accessory.

Best Dual Dash Camera with GPS GS65H

The GS65H is to meet the demands and safety needs of professional and commercial drivers. Whether you’re an Uber, Taxi or Bus Driver, the GS65H dash camera is equipped with a dual lens that can record events happening inside and outside of the vehicle simultaneously.

In addition to capturing crisp videos in the daytime, the infrared LED’s from the rear lens will record crystal clear videos in low light conditions offering you and your passengers a higher level of in-car security. Protect yourself, vehicle asset and deter fraudulent claims from being made with your personal eyewitness.

GS65H built-in GPS, helps your driving more secure. It focuses more on recording the GPS data onto to video files than providing drive assistance.

Car Dash Camera with GPS WheelWitness

The WheelWitness hd pro dash cam is outfitted with an Ambarella A7La50 processor, make it have 2304x1296p high-resolution, and it just weighs 5 ounces. The WheelWitness hd pro dashcam with a 3’’ TFT display has advanced electronics and storage capability and is suitable for both cars and trucks. The dash cam with night vision, which is especially useful for long-distance truckers, night-shift workers and anyone else who is about and about after dark.

The GPS module accessory enables the dash cam to capture the speed, location and coordinates of the car. The logging of such details can be played back showing the speed the vehicle was traveling at the time, along with real-time location movements of where the vehicle has been. If you are interested in how modern devices can help keep better track of our whereabouts, the dash cam with GPS tracking, maybe it a good choice.

Best GPS with Dash Cam X1

The X1 Dash Cam records Full HD videos (1920 * 1080p) at 30 fps with H.264! The use of six-glass F1.6 lenses and an extremely sensitive AR0330 sensor ensure excellent quality. As a result, the video quality is very detailed and smooth.

Built-in GPS module precisely record GPS data into video clips, and you can check vehicle location/speed/route on Google Map through included KDLINKS Dash Cam Player Software. As insurance cost keeps climbing up, if the HD video proof could work for you just once, you could save more money than the price of this dash cam.

What is a GPS Dash Cam?

A GPS Dash Cam means it with gps tracker that is used to keep track of your vehicle’s physical location as you drive. Along with your position, GPS can also keep track of your speed.

Why You Need a Dash Cam with GPS?

Because the dash cam GPS position data doesn’t lie. This information can be used to prove you were where you said you were, and when you were there. after you involved in a bad accident, the best dash cam with GPS can prove your innocence.

Why Company Needs a Dash Cam with GPS?

Utilizing dash cam GPS data logging is for fleet vehicle owners to keep track of where their employees are driving. With fuel costs being a significant expense to business owners, ensuring optimal routes are taken and that vehicles are only used for the intended business purpose can be a massive cost savings.