M06 4k Ultra HD Dash Cam Built-in GPS and WiFi

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  • The 4k dash cam with front and rear dual camera can be recording spectacular 4K Ultra HD video, no matter during the day or night can record a clear picture of the license plate from a distance. You can also enlarge the video freely without worrying about the blurred image.
  • 6 layer glass lens, professional high definition recording technology, comparable to a professional camera, F1.8 big aperture, 4x digital zoom, support dynamic capture or static feature. With the perfect designing, unique creativity and the most classic quality. It will bring you a different experience.
  • With WDR can produce higher quality images in areas of overexposure or dark light. Built-in wifi,support view,playback,download on phone. can share the wonderful moment anytime. G-sensor to lock & protect current video.

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51 reviews for M06 4k Ultra HD Dash Cam Built-in GPS and WiFi

  1. gury

    This is a great dash camera, and easy to use. The menu is intuitive and easy to set up. You have two options to attach to the windshield….suction cup and double sticky tape, and both mounts work well. I like the slide-off mount design so you can take it off if needed. The cable is plenty long, although I did hardwire it into my fuse box. Images, even on my 34″ home monitor, are clear and crisp, especially on the 4k resolution. It’s small, so isn’t an obvious device on the windshield.
    Overall a nice device, and I actually ordered a second one. This will be used with a 12 VDC adapter for video surveillance, not in a car. The high-resolution images and motion detection makes it a great camera for a single-view device.

  2. racel

    The 4k dash camera is great value for the price you will not be disappointed, The quality of the picture with wide angle is Superb and when hot wired or connected to power bank I love the WIFI bit you can see through your phone the 4k dash camera view live very easy to use. You could take great touring Holiday videos its that good.

  3. toner

    Very great camera, and easy to use it really comes in hand!! A guy turned in front of me when I had the green light and I hit him. He told the officer that it was my fault little did he know I had it all on AZDOME Dash Cam. Showed it to the officer on scene and the officer was able to conduct the traffic investigation off my video right there on the scene, and then he thanked me for the dash cam video and thought it was a great tool to have for this reason.

  4. luker

    I am very satisfied with this dash camera. There aren’t too many 4K dash cams available on the market, and I would consider this one in the top percent.

    The 2160p video is nice and crisp and I absolutely love how clear the night videos are!
    I can now feel at ease that my journeys are always recorded, and its small size is minimally intrusive on my windshield.

    I think it was a great investment, especially since there are standard 1080p cameras that cost almost twice as this one.

  5. kerry (verified owner)

    The 4k dash cam was pretty straightforward to set up. The installation inside my car was quick and easy. The dash cam has a good size screen. Not too big or too small. The video quality is surprisingly clear with no pauses or lags. The night vision works well and overall this is a very good dash camera.

  6. Sherry

    These are awesome! They’re a good price and they come in a snazzy padded box. Will definitely buy again

  7. Blin

    Extreme clear recording during day or night driving. Wifi feature is a plus to avoid computer transfer. Easy install and operate. Plug into the power socket and it automatically turns on and off when start or shut off the car. Install it for two weeks with no issue for daily driving. Stop researching and get this camera.

  8. Jenn

    I have bought serval different cam from amazon and eBay and this one has a rather high quality, the cam looks nicely designed and has got a vibe that’s really good quality, other than that, the most impressive thing that I have discovered with this cam is the image quality of product, it’s very vivid and very clear to see what’s going on all the time, recommended.

  9. Shire

    This is the best dash cam I have owned. I’ve had a few cheap ones over time, but you get what you pay for and they always seem to fail after a few months. This isn’t ideal as the footage that is recorded could be priceless.

    This dash cam seems very well made, very sturdy. The software is also very clean and tidy, which makes it a breeze to set up. Everything I needed was in the box apart from the SD Card. Just popped in my 32GB micro SD, went through the two set up menus and I was good to go. Easy to attach the windscreen with the suction mount and angle into position.

    The camera quality is so much better than my previous dashcams. You can actually clearly make up the number of plates, unlike one I had before.

    Overall, I am very very pleased with this. Everything about it is quality. highly recommend for people wanting a Dash Cam but don’t want to break the bank.

  10. Les

    Have you been tested only roughly but am really positively surprised. The workmanship works very well, at the time of delivery the article was very well packed and had no scratches or the like. The attachment lifts very well and is easy to install or remove. Picture quality is completely sufficient for my purposes.

  11. Leyon

    I have been considering purchasing a dash cam for some time, but so many on the market. I looked online and after careful consideration chose the Azdome 4k Dash Cam Ultra HD, I was not disappointed, easy to install easy to programme and the picture quality is superb. Fitting the dash cam has given me assurances that in the event of any incidents the camera will catch all. I have advised my insurance company of the changes, may get a rebate. I am now looking to fit the dash cam in my wife’s and son’s cars.

  12. elaine

    These are awesome! They’re a good price and they come in a snazzy padded box. Will definitely buy again

  13. Macl

    This camera is small and lightweight but so powerful! Was so easy to install with clear instructions. The quality of the picture is amazing for such a small thing. And the angle of the camera covers the whole view. Parking mode is a bonus in case someone would try to break in when you park. Brilliant little thing. So happy with that! Definitely will recommend to my friends! Thank you!

  14. bluta

    Good quality picture, nice and compact in size, the battery doesn’t last very long so needs to be left plugged in when using, other than that it’s good for the money!

  15. mike

    Great value! Superb shipping! I’ll recommend this to my family and friends! Thank you!!

  16. zuhak

    I’ve owned a few other dash cams over the years but this one is by far the best. 170° viewing angle combined with quality optics provide superb video footage, this coupled with built-in GPS and Wi-Fi, the latter allows you to watch and download the videos to your phone via the LuckyCam app, I think it‘s’ one of the best dash cams on the market.

  17. Ailes

    I bought this for my husband and he loved it. He found it so easy to install and use. Great functions like the auto record and also the loop record. The picture quality Cristal clear. Highly recommended if you are looking for a dash cam.

  18. Reynolds

    I bought this as a present for my Grandaughter. I received one as a present last Christmas and am delighted with it. It meets all expectations and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an efficient, reliable dashcam.

  19. Grante

    This is a replacement as I had another make which turned out to be faulty. Had this over a month and it works very well. Good clear pictures and video. GPS works well. Not used the wifi I pop the card out and use a MicroSD adapter for PC to download as it is much faster. It is so good I just ordered my second one for the other car from the same supplier due to the excellent product and fast delivery with great packaging. Highly recommended.

  20. derek

    Using it for just a few days. no problems so far and it does what it says on the tin. Night filming not too bad. Number plate recognition ok just about.

  21. Bluk

    I am totally satisfied with this dashcam. It is easy to set up and use and records good quality footage of my journeys. When played back on my laptop using the supplied dashcam player software, it gives me accurate speed and location information. All in all a really decent dashcam and value for money.

  22. Ledman

    The camera is an excellent piece of equipment and works well and operating it is easy.

  23. Kevin

    What a great 4K dash cam! So easy to install, the 3M adhesive sticks much better than standard suction cups. The wires are easily hidden in the roof lining and it plugs straight into either your 12v socket or into your USB socket. Unlike other cheaper dash cams I’ve bought in the past, this one is so easy to navigate around. The menus are very user-friendly and the picture quality is outstanding. Loving the ability to wifi the clips stored on the SD card directly on to my phone for safe keeping. I was playing a clip on my 55″ TV and the quality is still amazing! The GPS is great too, this dash cam is better than my other too branded dash cam I have in my other car. I highly recommend this dash cam, it’s a must-buy item at a fantastic price.

  24. Daniel

    Nice and small, works good, battery life is short so I’d advise to connect it to the car.

  25. Michael

    This is such good value for money. There are cheaper ones but this is worth the price. Super quality in 4k. The picture is so clear. GPS built-in and accuracy is super along with the build quality.

  26. Anne

    This Dash Cam is working good with all the accessories. It has a 12V car charger, USB cable, and all other accessories.

  27. Anusha

    This is a really great product. We live in London and the traffic is a nightmare so it’s great having reassurance if anything did happen there would be a record. The picture on the camera is top quality. I would definitely recommend this product – it’s definitely worth the money!

  28. Golu

    This a superb dash cam with all the features that you really want and none of the ones that are no use. I found this easy install and set up, it has a really wide angle of coverage and it saves the pictures in great quality – no blurry number plates, etc. It is small enough to make it not a distraction but big enough to view the screen easily. I can recommend this to anyone looking for good quality and reliable dash cam.

  29. Rickya

    Really happy with this Dash cam from Azdome. I spent a lot of time searching around as there are so many choices these days at a huge array of prices from loads of brands. I chose the Azdome cam as it offered all the features of the high-end products, but at a much better price.

  30. Vik

    This has to be the best dash cam I have owned to date. Great picture quality, and playing back on the Datacam player is fabulous. So much detailed information. I can highly recommend this to everyone.

  31. sandra

    Bought this for my husband, he loves it. Great service from this company. Would definitely use them again. So impressed, I have now bought one for my own car. The camera is amazing. Love watching the footage back. re-live where we have been. Would certainly recommend this product. Great service too!

  32. farmer

    It’s a reasonable camera, comes with all the necessary attachments and easy to setup.

  33. jesus

    Really good quality, I never had one, but this one is easy to set and I will use it every day in my car to be more secure. As a new driver, I recommend this dash can and brand 100%

  34. hanus

    Very easy to set up, the quality is brilliant and definitely worth it for the price. This will definitely help catch some idiots on the road.

  35. Mike

    The unit is of good build quality and design. The screen size is excellent and the front camera has a wide field of view. The disadvantage is installation of the rear camera which requires lengthy wiring and is tricky. If you don’t mind this, it’s a good product at a good price.

  36. chrise

    well, first, this price is affordable and cheap for a dash cam, so you can’t simply compare this product with other super expensive one. second, I’m not using this to record any v-blog or as a go pro. it is what it is, a dash cam, to record the driving record in case there’s something happened in the terrible traffic condition in the bay area. last, it works. it does its job well. sound is clear, the wide-angle pretty much catches everything ahead of my car. one thing needs to mention is you may need to buy a good sd card for better storage.

  37. Alise

    Came with everything needed to do the dash cam install. Thanks

  38. Lukas

    Really nice product! The 4K video quality is amazing. I used to own a 1080P dash cam but this one is just so much better. The menu is easy/intuitive to navigate. GPS, timestamp, and speed are built in the video.

  39. Danny

    This camera is small and easy to use. I recommend it

  40. Kena

    This dashcam really captures high-quality video and photos with amazing detail and picture clarity. The addition of a Smartphone app to access either live stream or stored content is a unique feature and comes in handy. The rear cam works very well also (in my case simply mounted at the license plate as the rear cam is waterproof). There are many settings that can be fine-tuned and configured. This also supports a higher capacity MicroSD to store the captured content on the cam as compared to others adding convenience.

  41. Tomas

    Excellent picture quality

  42. rala

    The picture quality is very clear and smooth. The settings are plentiful and easy to use. Buttons and functions are snappy and this is one of the best dash cams I’ve bought. Suction is strong and the GPS unit is nice.

  43. van

    This is my first dash cam, so I’m extremely excited that I got to use it. The visuals are wonderful, 4K as advertised, and it’s super clear and it records within a large range of view.

  44. Andrew

    Very good quality dash cam, it is well made and sturdy, doesn’t look or feel cheap. The LCD is clear and responsive and the 4k looks great. Easy to navigate menus and has plenty of options. Make sure you get a class 10 micro SD card. I definitely recommend this product.

  45. chens

    I replaced my older cam with this one and this has much higher video quality. I am very happy with my purchase.

  46. Hana

    I’ve tried a 4K dashcam before and this one is a great dashcam with good value. The SD card quality is a must if you want to record HD quality videos and get all the best functionalities of this dashcam.

  47. Marie

    The camera captures legible plate numbers from a moderate distance, even in high-glare lighting or at night through a dirty windshield. The included suction mount is very solid and doesn’t let the camera jiggle around. I prefer a clean interior, so I was happy that I could easily mount the camera out of sight behind the mirror and set the screen to automatically turn itself off after a few seconds.

  48. agela

    I use this camera in my Semi truck every day and so far I love it. I drive around 10 hours a day and the camera works well.

  49. Kaie

    This is not my first dashcam. I had gone through a few with my car and Dashcam is a must with all my vehicles since people are driving crazily nowadays as I mentioned, I used many different ones before and so far, this is the best.

  50. espinosa

    I have had this camera for a few days and after reviewing the footage for my last 300-mile trip all I can say is WOW, the picture quality is awesome, set up is a breeze and the functions are easy to use.

  51. Teabag

    The M06 is a quality product and the manufacturer’s support staff is engaged and working hard to make sure customers are completely satisfied with their purchase. The video quality is excellent in both full and low ambient light. In shopping for a dash camera I was particularly interested in a camera that would increase the security of my Jeep when it is parked overnight in our condominium’s parking areas. I elected to purchase a good quality battery bank to power the M06 when it is being used for parking security. I am able to power the M06 for three nights while depleting the battery bank to approximately half a charge. The most important factor in choosing to keep the Vantrue M06 dash camera was the fact that it works the way the user manual says it will and the superior quality of the support Azdome provides when there are questions.

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  1. A Front: 2880X2160p at 24fps and 1920X1080p at 30fps in video resolution. And it has FDH P30 + VGA P30 and PIP Style. Cooperate with a 170-degree wide angel and F1.8 large aperture. Rear:720P
  2. A M06 and gs63h are all 4k dash cam, but appearance design is different. Moreover, M06 without HDMI port and the operation is simpler and more convenient.
  3. A M06 and gs63h are all 4k dash cam, but appearance design is different. Moreover, M06 without HDMI port and the operation is simpler and more convenient.
  4. A Sorry, at present, M06 there is no handleiding Nederlands