PG02 Rear View Mirror Dash Camera

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  • With two HD cameras including a front-facing 1080p HD camera, and rear 720p HD camera.
  • Ultra wide angle lens, there is zero blind spots, and no fisheye distortion, it helps you drive at ease! While driving the images still have a great picture.
  • Easy to mount, it fits comfortably over your existing rearview mirror.
  • Integrated 10″ full touch screen for easy control and preview; the image takes up the whole screen, and it’s an anti-glaring screen, clear like the original rearview mirror.
  • Super night vision backup camera uses AHD technology which presents you 720P bright and stable images of everything easily at night or dull rainy days. The front camera delivers 1080P HD digital images all the time. Dual cameras record both front & rear videos at the same time. Being able to detect and record an upcoming crash is very useful for accidents that may happen and you would want to have the evidence ready.

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37 reviews for PG02 Rear View Mirror Dash Camera

  1. vire (verified owner)

    This rear view mirror dash cam is absolutely amazing. I have had other dashcams previously, but none compare with the quality of this one. The clarity is brilliant and the touchscreen is very responsive. When I want to reverse the car, I can switch to reverse to work. Plus, I’ve always favored using the actual rearview mirror or looking over my shoulder when backing up anyway. This was purchased primarily for incidents, bad drivers, possible UFO or Sasquatch sightings, etc. Oh, it with a large touchscreen, that’s so great.

  2. ancust

    After trying three rear view mirror dash cameras, this was by far the best. The display is a full touchscreen clean design. The front camera records 1080p at 30fps and is the video is very sharp, you can easily read license plates and it has already recorded several close calls due to drivers not paying attention. The rear camera quality is 720p, the video sharp also. The parking/g-sensor, motion detection, and WDR night vision all work perfectly, and it withstands the Texas summer heat. It’s an excellent product!

  3. mekun

    Very nice rear view mirror dash cam for a very good price. The installation takes around 15 minutes for me without the rear camera, because I don’t need a rear camera. I really like the mirror mount design. not like others that u will have to mount somewhere, which everyone can see, or when ur car is parked it might be a target for thieves.

  4. Bran (verified owner)

    This is a great dual lens mirror dash camera. The installation is simpler than many will think. The mirror dash cam just goes over your existing rear view mirror. I spent most of the time attaching the rear camera and hiding the wires to keep everything neat and tidy. Overall the images are very good. The parking assist lines comes into play as soon as you are in reverse gear and this has made my parking up so much easier and quicker.

  5. Andre86 (verified owner)

    I was looking for a dash camera to put in my car and record all my travels and also record when my car is at the parking! I found this mirror dash camera so I bought it.

    The mirror dash camera is a very good quality one. It was built to last! Also, I like the rear view camera which I install next to my number plate!

  6. melin

    I got the mirror dashcam after a bit of search. It came in a good premium looking box. The build and quality feel solid. It came with all the accessories including an extra band for bulky mirrors. It also had a rear view camera in the box with adequate wiring. The instructions guide is clear.
    It was easy to set up. It needs a memory card. Good responsive touch screen and it’s easily readable. It has the additional functions of night vision, parking monitoring, and loop recording as well. The quality of the images is good as well. My only concern was the charging cable running across but with time it doesn’t seem to be a problem. Planning to get it wired along the edges. It absorbs fingerprints which need a bit of clean now and then. But overall am happy with this one

  7. Ram

    It looks very stylish and it is great that it is dual and covers both the front and rear. It adjusts to the light itself perfectly which has been good in low sun winter mornings. picture quality is second to none plus all the normal dash cam features are built in. A really good mirror dash cam.

  8. Awei

    I’m a beginner and this is of a real use for boost my confidence and help me avoiding mistakes. although i`m new i already been in a car accident and having this would be a great help form me by recording the collision. this was the turning point when i decided to go for it.
    other then that i can say i instaled myself so it was super easy to do so and so far i can say it is very accurated

  9. Nina

    My husband got his new car 5 months ago, and he has been always wanting a dash cam, so I have decided to get this as a present for him, so thankful it arrived on time! So he has been using this since he received it, and he loves it! He told me that it is HD, very easy to use and the sound is clear, and what he loved the most is the video/picture that is so clear(HD). Overall I am impressed on this Dash cam, worth the price.

  10. Dardan

    I recently bought a used minivan which doesn’t have a backup camera. For the first few days, I had a hard time controlling the car during reverse and parallel parking. Also, I drive in a crowded city such that backup camera and dash cam is a must. I tried this AZDOME based on a recommendation from my roommate. The first thing is that it has a combo of both dash cam and backup cam so I don’t have to buy two separated cameras. This can save some money already.
    Second, it’s quite easy to install. It’s even much easier than I thought. My roommate and I just spent about more than an hour and boom, it’s done. All works great. Then, I spent two weeks to test all the functions of both cameras. A few things that I already tested:
    – The video has very good quality, very clear images. Night vision is also clear.
    – The touch screen is quite smooth. Seamlessly switching back and forth between the dash cam and backup cam, or can even turn off both of them to use as a normal rear mirror.
    – Parking monitor is helpful for parallel parking (although most backup cameras nowadays have this function)
    – Lane departure warning is quite impressive (I don’t think many dash cams have this).
    I haven’t tested the G-sensor recording, but so far, all are working great. If the device can last for 3-5 years until I consider upgrading to a new vehicle, this will be one of the best investment I made on my used car.

  11. Juan

    Very clear camera and I love the giant screen and that it covers the whole thing! Easy to use just a couple of buttons and swipe left or right. I wish it had a longer loop time but that’s okay. Installing is pretty easy.

  12. Beene

    I was afraid someone would try to break into my car to steal the dash cam so I wanted something subtle which the mirror dash cam is perfect. I like how this dash cam is a wide view. I also like the quality of this dash cam as well. I recommend it. Will update after using it for a while.

  13. Horace

    This thing comes in a good package includes almost every single thing that we need to install. Manual is easy to follow too. It is good to have this amazing thing at such a low price. Absolutely loved it.

  14. kris

    I am really glad I bought this mirror dash cam. Great big screen right over the car mirror.Excellent video quality and image stability. Setup is simple. The menu is self-explanatory. Doesn’t come with a memory card.

  15. Aidan

    Product is easy to install. view could be wider

  16. George

    Excellent product. The only complaint is that with the rubber bands holding the rear view camera on the original rear view mirror there is a vibration when in the mirror mode. Makes it a bit dizzying to look at. I may try and make it a permanent installation without the rubber bands.

  17. Reyalp

    Very impressed with this, camera quality is crystal clear with a good angle of view, all the supplied leads are more then long enough. Overall, a good quality mirror dash cam at a reasonable price.

  18. Baleanu

    I’m so glad that I bought this mirror dash cam. Nice design, easy to set up and use, just need to clip over to the existing rear view mirror and it’s hard to tell it there. A smart dash cam not being too visible in or out of car. The picture in the screen is nice and clear and the mirror is still usable and doesn’t have that horrible blue tint like other cams. I think this product is excellent.

  19. paul

    I’ve had a dashcam previous to this and honestly, this has been the better one. It’s got great quality it’s high resolution and easy to install the wires as it comes with a tool that allows you to open the trimming of the car. Would honestly recommend this as it’s useful to have a dashcam in case the worst happens.

  20. Peter

    I’m very satisfied with this product and the delivery service but disappointed with the instruction manual. It’s almost like it was
    rushed, but overall, I’m very pleased

  21. Leo

    I am really glad that I bought this camera!!! Very easy to install my husband install it in 5 minutes! I park more easily with this
    camera! I really recommend! You can use it as a normal mirror if you want or with the front or back camera on! Very good price!

  22. Mehmet

    There are so many choices of dashcams online and it’s difficult to choose which one is the best. Decided to go for this one. Received well packed and I’m glad the dashcam looks and feel really strong. Not only that but the video quality is of the front and rear are good. The price is really worth it. Installed it without a problem in my car. The touch screen panel is responsive and easy to set.
    Overall, a good camera.

  23. Ronald

    This is my first dashcam and I bought it more for the retro camera than dashcam itself. Brilliant colors and vivid images. Makes my retro view wide and clear.

  24. Chris

    Was really impressed with this mirror camera since the box opened. Stylish design, pretty heavy and well made all components. Was easy to set up as comes with clear instructions. View quality also amazing like through the real mirror, the back camera also has done the job nicely. Well priced as well for that high quality would recommend to everyone was a good decision to get it for my car.

  25. Mike

    It was very easy to install both the front camera and the rear camera. The camera has a wide-angle that can capture both sides of the road. The touch screen is very responsive and easy to use. Picture quality is real HD and good picture quality day and night. The menu on the Dashcam is simple and easy to use. This is a good deal with this price

  26. Guguyy

    Easy to use and exactly as described perfect

  27. Ciully

    Bought for our son who recently passed his test. Really good product, he loves it and we feel he’s safer having it.

  28. Awan

    Rearview mirror dash cam. 1080p. Good picture and camera quality. Very easy to install. Has lots of modes like parking assist. Wide view. 10″ touch screen. Can turn off to use as a mirror only. Very clear. Easy to fit with straps. Also has a reverse license plate camera. Connect up to reverse lights to automatically engage. Night view. Extra-long wiring. Can either connect to the cigarette lighter or USB.

  29. Paul

    Excellent camera easy menu and only takes a minute to install, quality is a very good and very fast touch screen

  30. Filmon

    This camera was very easy to install and setup. I record on the front and rear which is good as that’s where the accident occurs. I would recommend car owners to buy these products so no view blockage or distraction.

  31. Gerald

    This mirror dash camera works excellent. I purposely did not write a review until a few months passed so I can give an honest review.
    I have to say I am very pleased with the camera. The information that’s stored with the video is unbelievable, speed exact location and direction even the shock of the vehicle is recorded. I had a few unfortunate events with the rear camera but I cannot say enough about the tech support, they are fast friendly and very accommodating. I definitely recommend this camera system, it’s very easy to install and the image quality especially at night is Crystal clear you also will not have any blind spots as well.

  32. carrola

    Loved everything about the camera, very crisp clear picture, one issue was where it flashed blue light on and off, but hasn’t happened since, great camera.

  33. fabio

    The large wide view actually covers blind spots on both sides, although I still check fixed mirrors. The resolution is excellent.

  34. Kinson

    The best dash cam product I’ve seen so far. Azdome customer support is top-notch; they were very responsive in getting replacement parts for their product which was damaged in a collision my son was involved in. The police said the video of the collision was the best they’ve seen and would be very helpful in a court trial.

  35. Bili

    This is a very high-quality mirror camera. It wasn’t too hard to assemble to the dash mirror, and I tucked the cords to the rear camera along with the interior fabric of the car alone the windshield. Since my car doesn’t have a backup camera, and this set really helps when I back up into my garage. The most impressive function that I’m very like is that it can record video 24/7. Thank goodness I found this product because I don’t want to experience hit and run. if it happens, I would have videos from my own camera.

  36. barrea

    Love this. Had trouble at first but manufacture took good care of me.

  37. kim

    Cool product and it’s easy to operate. The installation needs some time to figure out otherwise nothing difficult. The screen is big and the images are very clear even at night. The rear view eliminates blind spots which makes me more confident about driving. The G- sensor and the loop recording are a big plus especially driving in NYC. Totally love it!

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  1. A The dimensions of the pg02 mirror is: 254mm*72mm*16mm