M05 OLED Dash Cam

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  • M05 OLED dash cam featuring dual lenses and an easy-to-control touch screen, this dash camera ensures simultaneous recording front and rear, both in Full HD 1080P+720P. Records powerful evidence of an accident involving your vehicle that supports the facts in case of any road incident.
  • Designed with a 3 inch OLED touch screen, Azdome M05 allows you not to operate with pressing buttons anymore. It is specially designed to offer you effortless operation and optimal using feel. You are allowed to do all the operations with only one finger, such as navigate to the Menu settings, take a snapshot, lock video files manually or playback videos.

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25 reviews for M05 OLED Dash Cam

  1. rapul

    I am very happy to write this review about the OLED Touch Screen dash cam I purchased. I can’t believe that on online I can buy a quality product. The camera is made of good quality material and very compact. This is not my first car camera so I have some experience with them. As I always find the review helpful, I would like to share my experience with this front and rear dash camera.

  2. meop

    This is a great quality dash cam with two camera front and rear. The picture is great and the OLED touchscreen is a lot easier to navigate through then the previous dash cam I bought couple years ago. Make sure you take the protective film off the lens so you get a nice crisp video. I have already been able to play back some video and I am pleased. Last week some guy turned left at an intersection and slammed into my husbands van. I have been telling him he needs a dashcam .luckily the other guy got ticketed. I just bought a second one of these for him. I am very satisfied with the overall quality.

  3. tomer

    Owning a dash camera is a must. What I like about this brand and feature is that they include the rear camera. It will take some work to install but highly worth it. One of the best selling point is that the dash cam with a 3-inch OLED touchscreen, when I look the video on the dash cam, fell very good. Quality of the video is shart. I am able to make out the license plate no problem. The HD dash cam with two camera front and rear, and with parking mode, that can provide 24 hours protection for your car.

  4. davies

    Designed with a 3 inch OLED touch screen, you can see a more colorful and clearer image almost in any view angle on 3 inch OLED touch screen fashionable and sensitive touch panel , operate the camera by a slide of finger .solid build, comes with the cables, tools for installation and only thing required is a micro sd card, design is nice, camera itself is wide angle and gives decent video, where I’ve installed it, overall the dash cam has many functions and that includes having set deferent motion sensing as well and the resolution to record the video, overall the unit is top quality, small and doesn’t obstruct view.

  5. Beck

    This is a very good dash cam with good quality. Its got a very good wide angle and 1080p .the camera auto recording when I start driving. Compare to the others. This is defo the better quality with the same price.

  6. Motto

    Good for the price

  7. Ratani

    Installed it myself, by following an online video I found, picture pretty good and clear, no problems at the moment, after having it a few weeks.

  8. kelso

    I bought this as a replacement for a non-branded mini dash cam. From the start, I’ve noticed the quality of the product is a lot higher. It offers high-quality footage, recording in Full 1080p HD. The footage is good and clear. If you’re looking for a decent, not too expensive dash cam, then this won’t let you down. I’ve had mine for a few days now, and I love it! It’s just what I wanted. I’ve also had it hardwired into my car. This means there are no wires in my way, and as soon as the ignition is started, the camera instantly switches on and begins recording until the ignition is switched off. So it’s impossible to forget to turn it on, and you don’t need to turn it off either. It does it all for you. I’ll be definitely buying another azdome dash cam for my second car.

  9. Mercurius

    Very good picture quality and install easy, it fits perfectly behind my rear view mirror. WiFi syncs easily to download video clips whenever needed. No need to mess around with removing it from the car or taking the memory card out to download videos, very convenient.

  10. wendy

    I was concerned at first buying this dash cam since it was a little pricey but I was glad I purchased It. I did a lot of research trying to figure out which dash cam I wanted. Set up was fairly easy, make sure to read the directions provided.
    I hope this Dash Cam lasts me a long time, but it has been great so far.

  11. sbudd

    This is a great dash cam with 1080p and gives clear vision. I bought it last week and it works very well. let my life easier that without the headache of your car being hit by other and made you the culprit. Thank you for the product.

  12. webjoh

    One of the clearest dash cam I have owned so far. This unit does not come with a suction cup as others but it comes with 2 3m VHB double sided tape which allows the most secure placement of the dash cam on the windshield.

    One note, make sure you try out the location before actual application. It is near impossible to redo once it is set in place. The camera head can pivot up and down only so the best position is as close to the middle or rear view mirror as possible. The on-screen menu is simple enough to set up for loop recording. Video quality is a very good day and night. The view angle is sufficient for my bolt. After my installation, it feels very secure and does the job well!

  13. davi

    Bought it for my sister car, she has the small mini cooper which is why I choose this dash cam for her. The dash cam image quality is great and it is small so it hardly notices it is there on the screen. It has loads of features: loop recording, G sensor, motion detection… and it connects to smartphones by wifi on its own app and it easy enough to download the footage off it, I think this dash cam is a good value for the money.

  14. Emma

    A crystal clear perfect quality and a very smooth OLED touch screen, and the vivid colors don’t fade or pixel doesn’t break apart even during high-speed driving.
    I Really liked this product, and the coolest feature is the GPS feature with a seamless loop recording. There are all sorts of modes like Parking mode and accident lock- which provides peace of mind.
    Installation is easy and instructions are clear. Since we need to stick this using double-sided tape, suctioning is never a problem.

  15. skote

    The OLED display is amazing, very crisp and clear with deep blacks and good viewing angle. The dash cam records excellent quality and is simple to use with a responsive touchscreen. There are two unique features which I love; the GPS tracking which geotags the video so you know the location and speed in an event of a collision. There is a very useful alert feature which when set will play a sound alert for 10 seconds every few hours to prevent falling asleep during long-distance journeys. It’s also packed with the usual essentials such as g-sensor and loop recording.

  16. vlex

    Really good camera. Replaced my old with this one. It has all the functionality what I was looking for. If you want you can install an app on your PC and check all the details of your journeys. Three weeks of using: all good so far.

  17. Even

    The camera is great, The GPS feature is great. There is an app that you can use to view your videos. With the GPS enabled you can see on a map exactly where your vehicle was located. And the camera was easy to set up. Well made dash camera with excellent day and night video image quality.

  18. noris

    Ordered two of the dash cams, one for the wife. The dash cam was easy to set up and the quality so far seems very good. Had
    difficulties playing footage on the player but have now managed to resolve this through Crosstour.

  19. peter

    I think a dash cam is a must if you are driving in a big city where you have a lot of careless drivers. I had accidents in the past and wished I had cameras. A small investment can save you a lot in case of an accident. This is a very good dash cam, easy to install.
    Good video quality. It records both front and the back. I hope I won’t need it, but in case of an accident, it saves automatically.

  20. forlin

    Very pleased on the dash cam. The quality of the recordings is very excellent. Very easy to install and use. The holding mechanism is very good and the camera doesn’t drop while driving. It is a bit expensive but it’s worth it. You need one in your car. Thank you
    for the deal.

  21. neias

    This dash cam very nice, being easy to set up and to use. Picture quality is great and it’s nice and compact. Highly recommend!

  22. Bene

    This is a really good camera, high quality, reasonable price, very easy to install, wide angle of view from the camera and the lens is more than capable of dealing with night vision. The camera is very well built with easy to operate 3” oled touch screen the quality of the video is very good. Would certainly recommend this cam as an entry level one for your driving safety.

  23. James

    After my previous dash cam stopped working I looked for one that was similar but better. This dash cam it’s easy to install. The menu is user-friendly and the image quality excellent even in low light. To be recommended.

  24. kenny

    I have been considering a Dash Cam for some time. A friend recommended this one, to be honest, I was skeptical of the cam because of the price but I’m glad I go for it. I’m not good at Technology but this cam is easy to setup and use. Significant capture High definition worth it.

  25. Dawer

    I bought this dash camera for my second car. Although the screen is not large it is crystal clear with a good range of vision. The menu of this dash camera is easy to understand once you get used to it. The product good packaging. I am very happy with it. Highly recommend. Thank you!

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