JF68 USB C Docking Station

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  • If you are a photographer, architect, office staff, key puncher, computer programmer/engineer, you must have it for one. The USB C 3.0 dock expands your laptop/phone with three additional USB 3.0 ports, simply enabling you to use more USB devices like keyboard, flash drive, external hard drive, USB headphone, fan, webcam etc simultaneously.
  • FIT LAPTOP MODEL -Macbook 12″ 2015/2016, MacBook Pro 13″ 15″, Google Chromebook Pixel, DELL XPS 13/ XPS 15, HP Spectre Notebook, ThinkPad X1, ASUS Zenbook3, HUAWEI Notebook, MI Air etc.
  • Keep your laptop charging while connected with this USB C Adapter and provides power to all of your high-power external devices. NOTE: NOT compatible with devices based on QC (Quick Charge2.0/3.0) charging protocol.

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usb c docking stationusb c docking stationusb c docking stationusb c docking station


Please plug the VGA port first, then plug the Display port when you connect them as the same time.


3 monitor connectors, respectively HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA with the possibility of connecting 2 monitors,
Mirror or extend your laptop into a bigger screen.

HDMI Resolution up to max 4kx2k @ 30Hz
DisplayPort resolution up to 4kx2k @ 30Hz
VGA resolution up to 1920x1080P @ 60Hz



4 reviews for JF68 USB C Docking Station

  1. boom

    In my opinion, this is the best hub I’ve ever used, it’s taken productivity to the next level and it provides and the ports I need, I use this hub with my MacBook and surface book 2, and it works well in both devices, the USB transfer speed it very fast, and I get all the speed my broadband provides through the ethernet cable connection. Lastly, I use multiple ports at the same time and nothing is affect, I will highly recommend this product

  2. Ames

    Lovely aluminium build quality, bought for my MacBook Pro. This is plug & play and doesn’t require any software drivers to setup. Data transfer speeds were fast and this gives me connection for Ethernet, VGA for my old monitor and extra USB ports. Lightweight and portable. Really happy with my purchase

  3. coup

    This was bought for use with a Dell XPS to consolidate the various cables + charging into a single USB-C connection. I was disappointed that the Dell while using all the connected devices was not charging. I was about to raise a support question when, while looking through the BIOS I found a setting for Dell Thunderbolt docks…disabling it means the XPS now charges …albeit with a warning about insufficient power as the power is detected as 65W.

  4. mess

    Absolute powerhouse of a hub! It improves the functionality of my MacBook Pro immensely. I can connect all my devices all at once and they work simultaneously. My ethernet cable, printer, tablet, phone, projector and SD Card all appears on my screen without having to keep plug and unplugging things. It sits behind the MacBook Pro and doesn’t intrude. Very happy with purchase.

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How to cancel the mirror mode to extend mode?Back to product
asked by Adomeshop on 2019-03-29 02:42:48
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  1. Step 1: Select System Settings-Monitor Step 2: Select Array Step 3: Cancel the Mirror Mode Step 4: Drag the work task with the mouse all to the right side of your laptop(Move to the Right) Step 5: Enjoy the Extend Mode(PS: Move the mouse left, back to your laptop work task)
    Adomeshop answered on 2019-03-29 02:52:39